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Chris Lawson, a Hall of Fame book/product reviewer, author, and member of the "Yelp Elite Squad," goes by the pen name Bassocantor. Click "Get Started" to learn more about the featured author and his work.

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Featured Author:
Chris Lawson

Chris Lawson is an Oracle performance specialist and alumnus of the "ACE" program. Chris works for a large utility in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he fixes performance issues.

Chris Lawson, a Hall of Fame book/product reviewer, author, and member of the "Yelp Elite Squad," goes by the pen name Bassocantor.

He and his wife, a border collie, and four rescue cats reside in the San Francisco Bay region. He specializes in writing nonfiction book reviews. When he isn't writing reviews, he may be found geocaching or trekking in Northern California's hills. He also evaluates an electronic gadgets now and again.


Here are some books from the author:

The Art and Science of Oracle Performance Tuning

Shows how to think about the overall complicated topic of performance tuning, how to split it down, and how to find out the reason of performance bottlenecks.

Oracle Performance Tuning Expert 100 Powerful Tips

Chris shares 100 of his all-time favorite tips in this book. The advice includes the most up-to-date performance approaches, such as Oracle 12c. Whether you're new to performance tuning or a seasoned DBA, this book is likely to provide you with a wealth of useful information.

Snappy Interviews 100 Questions to ask Oracle DBAs

No single person could possibly be expected to answer all of the senior-level questions properly. The goal of the questions is for most DBAs to be able to answer most of the interview questions satisfactorily, regardless of their skill level.

What Readers Say:

The book provides strong hints that most Oracle issues can be resolved with better indexing and index hints. If you do not know of these tables, then do yourself and your Oracle users a great service and buy this book and master its contents. You will not regret it.

No wasted words here, logically organized, easy to read, and chock full of useful tips. It is likely to inspire anyone struggling with the challenges of dealing effectively and efficiently with Oracle databases. This book offers some great Q&A, allowing the manager and team can pick a select few, and be consistent and objective in the process.

An absolutely fantastic book that benefits both sides of the interview process. This is a rare gem of a book that not only prepares you for an interview, but also triggers your own knowledge and curiosity.